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How does Google+ impact seo?

Abstract: google plus tips and impact on seo
How does Google+ impact seo?

Google has launched its plus button a couple of days ago, except social s, does it bring something to seo and webpage ranking? Let’s take a look at some tips for daily Google+ goers:

Sort Your Circles
When you’re short on time, you don’t have to follow what everyone is saying – focus on a core circle or two. Consider circling people by:
  • Interests
  • Job/Industry
  • Activity level
  • Likelihood to engage
  • Country or time-zone

The list goes on, but the key is to think in terms of how you can best use your time. If you log on at 19pm in Asia, see what your French friends are up to, pay attention to the time zone, coz social network is an instant thing. If you only got 5 minutes, check the people who are interested in whatever you’re working on at that time. 

Flow the Stream
Eventually, you have to accept that you can’t keep up with everything. Google+ is just out of its wrapper, and yet 15 minutes would barely let me skim the last hour of activity, let alone the links and comments. For reference, the bar on the right is a condensed version of my unexpanded stream from just the last hour.
This is more philosophical than tactical, but you have to let it go. The real-time stream is just that – jump in, swim forward, and don’t worry too much about what’s behind you. If it’s important, it’ll get repeated.
Social media is so real-time that it can even alienate people to rewind too much. I’ve had people comment on something I said the day before on Facebook, and it completely confused me.
Impact on SEO
On the introductory page of Google+, it officially says what recommended by friends and acquaintances are more connected than strangers’. For example, a movie comment by professionals really makes sense, but the friends sharing same interests with you make the more useful comments
We can conclude that public SEO factors (Out-circle) are links, content, page strength, PR …, While In-circle, they’re word-of-mouth, recommendation….
Google said: “So when we defining the relativity between your page and users’ searches, your friends’ and contacts’ “+1” content will be referred. And this is one of the various that matters the relativity and rankings of webpage. Same as others, we will pay close attention to”+1” button and observe instantly the changes of search quality.
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