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Google panda update

Abstract: Google has launched panda update to tackle staggering useless content on the web, what should you do to step away from it?

Google’s recent Panda update
Mar.23nd, 2011
Google has launched a new algorithm named as “Panda” after one of its engineers “Navneet Panda”. The Panda update is just an example of the Google’s web spam team doing their job, and making sure that it’s done well. Singhal and Matt Cutts from Google said that after “caffeine” algorithm been introduced on 2009, more original and fresh content emerge out, bringing better search experience to all the internet users, but soon after that, a new sort of low quality content shows out. Providing useful results to search queries is a tough and evolving challenge. There is a mind-blowing amount of high-quality, useful information on the web, but there is an equally staggering amount of useless content, and filtering that useless content out of SERPs is key to Google’s business model.

Panda update is mainly targeting at GOOGLE.COM, for people who are SEOing English websites, they definitely can feel something, the most apparent is ranking drop, so how can we preserve our rankings on Google by obeying to the rules? Hereby we’ve done some conclusions, we will find them as below.

The update not only focusing on content farm. It is targeting primarily on low quality websites, we can gather info together to make sure that we are distant from them:
1、Websites without concrete content, or we say insufficient content.
2、Mass copying from other sites
3、Meaningless content
4、Low trust websites: Google try to ask users some questions regarding website trust, e.g. do you feel comfortable to use your credit card on this site? Do you feel it’s authoritative? Or do you think there’s too much Ads?
5、Taking Chrome data as a reference, you can’t misinterpret that Google collect users’ data by Chrome, but only refer to the spam list. If a website has been reported by a Chrome user as spammer, it will probably be taken as an evidence by Google.

Last but not least, even your content is original and identical, but useless to the visitors, then it can be defined as Meaningless content. So be original, creative and useful to your visitors.

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