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Abstract: Google has launched panda update 2.3 last weekend
Google update 2.3

Google has confirmed to SEL last weekend that panda algorithm was updated again. Comparing those time, you can come to a conclusion that Google still randomly adjust algorithm by hands, no sustainable update process available.

Panda Update 1.0 Feb 24th, 2011
Panda Update 2.0 Apl 11th, 2011around 7 weeks interval
Panda Update 2.1 May 10th, 2011around 4 weeks interval
Panda Update 2.2 Jun 16th, 2011around 5 weeks interval
Panda Update 2.3 Jul 18th,2011around 4 weeks interval

Each update brings with tons of changes, visits of some sites drop dramatically. While people can clearly noted the direction of changes, and this make them follow the way to supplying high quality information to visitors.

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